LED Pixel Light PG100

  • Material & finish: powder painted anodized aluminum

  • Powder painted color can be customized

  • Red,Yellow,Blue,Green,White and RGB available

  • Woking temperature range -25°C~+45°C

  • Standard warranty: 2 years

  • Follow RoHS and CE certified

LED Pixel Light PG100
Product Dimension:
Wiring Diagram:
Product Image:
  • Specification of Lights: DC24V/DMX;
  • Cable connections between the mater and sub-controller need to adopt ultra-pure cooper 8 core line 5 classes, up to 100m;
  • Each master controller max connect 31 set sub-controller, each sub-controller output 4 line, max connected 170pcs lights(512 channel);
  • Each input power line max connect 20pcs lights, more than 20pcs light need to increase input power line.


Lights for contour of building, logos, signs and channel letters, display for glass ground square, decorative lighting for city square ground, river way landscape lighting, outdoor advertising displays,ect.